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Group Ukulele,Beginning with Wendy Schaefer

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Beginning Ukulele 

Meets Saturdays at 10 am  beginning April 3, through May 28, 8 sessions

 Study music! It's the perfect blend of intellectual effort and entertainment, and the ukulele is a perfect starter instrument, versatile, portable and affordable. It can be played by children, youth and adults, and I'll be happy to help you get started and support your musical journey for years into the future, beginning a new hopeful future in April, after we've received our vaccines.

Learn to tune and hold your instrument correctly.  Learn to play the C major scale  by rote. Learn the three "major chords" that harmonize the C major scale.  Learn to keep time with your right hand. Practice these new skills by engaging with American and world folksongs that are widely known. Perhaps we'll play a favorite of yours! Playing an instrument is a journey that doesn't end. The journey just becomes richer as time passes and skills are gained. The important thing is to START. Sign up for lessons today! See you April 3.

Class limit 10





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