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The violin is a musical instrument that empowers you to sing and to dance with your fingers and your arms. Through it the head and the heart can harmonize. That is what keeps Mathew Swora playing violin ever since the age of 7.  Most of his training through college was in the classical genre, especially from the Baroque era. But he also loves and plays Celtic, Gypsy, bluegrass and Slavic (his family’s ethnic heritage) music, and is now starting to explore the Mariachi and Ranchera worlds. That comes in part from his years living in other countries, and in other parts of the U.S., before recently settling in The Dalles. His years in public education and ministry, and his experience teaching and observing the Suzuki violin method, have taught him to learn through joy, with the heart as well as the head, to “catch people doing well,” and to celebrate their growth. Whether one goes on to play professionally, or just for fun on one’s own or with a few others, Mathew will be glad to help you unlock the violin's treasures

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