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Music As Solace

Words by Wendy from our July newsletter.....

Editorial: Music As Solace
In June, we began our second quarter as a business. We’ve begun to scratch the surface of what that means. I must say, the experience is inspiring to us: We have met many people who all love music and practice it in one way or another. Wendy and her beginning ukulele student Georgia Opheim helped Lloyd Walworth celebrate 40 years as conductor of the Cascade Singers at their concert June 4th and 5th. Several members of that group had been singing under his direction for the entire forty years! Wendy and Ursula attended the recruitment concert of the Sherman County school band program and heard a senior student telling the fourth graders of all the fun and learning in store for them in band next year. He said he hoped the new band director would stay until he, himself came back to Sherman county with his music teaching certificate! Members of our concert audience thanked us for bringing a quiet and intimate venue to the music scene and promised to come back for more.  One man purchased an ukulele for a complete stranger after a chance meeting at the store. Through these and many other interactions, it is clear that music has a transformative place in people’s lives: It helps hold them together, brings joy, brings expression to what is inexpressible, delights, intrigues, and entertains. Music gives solace. Thank you to all who are part of this community. We are so pleased to get acquainted!

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  • I just visited the website. Lots of nice details recently added. Really nice graphics. I like all the pictures! I’d like a guided tour though. I didn’t find it easy to know how to sign up for a class or find a teacher for a private lesson. It’s got to be easy enough for Granny to do it. ha

    wendy schaefer

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